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Honorary Consular Official Special Plates

The new Honorary Foreign Consul plate is now available to order.

This plate will also be made available with the disability insignia. If you have ordered a personalized plate, please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. New to AZ

You may apply for the new design by visiting the azmvdnow.gov website.

1. Once logged into your AZ MVD Now account, under the Registration menu, select 'replace lost plate'.

2. You should be able to retain your current plate number. If you select "stolen" as the reason for replacement, a new plate number will be assigned to you and your previous plate number will cease to exist.

3. Since the launch of our new database system we are no longer able to reserve specific plate ranges, as all plate types share the same plate range (a combination of various alpha/numerics).

4. The fee for plate replacement is $5.00 plus postage $1.52 = $6.52.

5. The disability insignia may be requested at the time of replacement, by checking the box labled disability (this box will only appear/be selectable if the applicant's customer record indicates permanently disabled). If the applicant's customer record is not earmarked permanently disabled, a Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard application Form # 96-0104 will be required prior to issuance. Same fees apply.

New Members or Members without Honorary Consul Plates

New Honorary Consuls or Consuls who do not have Consular plates, will need to complete this form and submit to the SPECIAL PLATES UNIT ADOT, or if preferred to apply electronically, the consul would need to email the special plates unit, the email to the special plates unit is provided on the form.

The form can be found on the link provided:




ADOT/Motor Vehicle Division, Special Plates Unit, P.O. Box 2100, Mail Drop 801Z, Phoenix, Arizona 85001

Career Consular Plates

Issued by the US Department of State Office of Foreign Missions to career consuls in the United States.