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Honorary Consul Emeritus of Canada

The Honorable Glenn Williamson

About Consul Emeritus Williamson

Honorary Consul Emeritus

Glenn Williamson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Arizona Business Council (CABC) leader, former diplomat, mentor, entrepreneur and public speaker with 35-years of experience in a multitude of executive level and board membership positions. With Williamson’s experience and natural skill set, he has the ability to asses and connect people and companies together, creating opportunities that have resulted in highly profitable and mutual success for all. His experience demonstrates this through years of advanced capital formation, marketing, management, leadership and his talent of taking products, concepts and companies to new levels of national and international growth.

The CABC has created several initiatives to foster business and ensure a well-planned growth strategy for Arizona, Canada and Northern Mexico. Williamson has created the following initiatives: Project Hour Glass (Water Augmentation), Project North America (Trade), Project Lift (Tourism/Air Connectivity), Project FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Project Mining and Project Medical Tourism (Wellness). The CABC’s goal under Williamson’s direction, is to bring government, educational and private sector entities into these project discussions, as a mutual team, to solve issues that may hinder future economic growth between Arizona and Canada. Williamson has also founded and is owner of the CABC’s “Wings & Wheels Scottsdale,” the largest and most exclusive private jet event in North America held at the Scottsdale Airpark. Currently, Chairman of the Advisory Board for EPCOR USA, Williamson is on the frontline of organizing government and private companies to develop large-scale water augmentation solutions for the water challenges in the Southwest, U.S. (Project Hourglass). He is an active registered member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, trained in U.S. and Canadian Corporate Governance for private and public companies. He is also a member of the Colonel’s Circle of The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada).